Weekly Hydrologic Outlooks

The Colorado Basin River Forecast Center (CBRFC) will provide weekly hydrologic outlook briefings during the May - early June runoff period for 2019. These outlooks will provide an update of evolving hydrologic conditions in the Colorado River Basin and Great Basin. They ideally will last about 15-20 minutes and cover the following:

Current hydrologic / streamflow conditions in the Colorado River and Great Basins
Upcoming weather and impacts to streamflows
Daily stramflow forecast summary (out 10 days into the future)

Due to the delay of the snow melt, an extended briefing will be held Thursday June 6th that will include a summary of any water supply updates

The remaining outlook is scheduled for June 11th at 11 am MDT. Additional outlooks will be scheduled if needed

You can register for these outlooks here:

Weekly hydrologic outlook

The outlook is composed of two parts, a telephone conference call and a web-based presentation. The conference call can be accessed by dialing 877-929-0660 a few minutes prior to the start of the call and entering the access code of 1706374. To view the web-based presentation, you will need to sign up prior at the link above.