Winter/Spring 2013 Meeting


Thursday, March 21, 2013


2242 West North Temple

Salt Lake City, UT 84116


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Call-in using the following:

Teleconference: 866-821-6886

(Pass Code: 9085292)




10:00 am         Welcome and Introductions

10:15 am         CBRFC/NRCS: Water Year 2013 runoff forecasts for Upper and Lower Colorado River Basins

10:45 am         CBRFC: Innovative technology and product developments at the CBRFC

         Current and Future Projects

         Precipitation Analysis over the Colorado Basin

11:30 am         NRCS: Innovative technology and product developments at the NRCS

         Snow Conditions

o    Reporting SWE

12:15 pm         Lunch

12:45 pm         Reclamation: Innovative technology and product developments


o    Reservoir Operations Update

  Upper Colorado

  Lower Colorado

o    MTOM

o    Basin Study

         Upper Colorado

o    Navajo Operations

o    Green River Operations

o    Aspinall Operations

o    Lake Powell Operations

o    LTEMP

o    HFE

         Lower Colorado

o    Minute 319 Overview


2:00 pm         CRFS Agency Updates



3:00 pm         Business

         Next meeting date



3:15 pm        Adjourn


         Please furnish an electronic copy or summary of your presentation prior to the meeting to Bryan Wuerker for inclusion with the meeting minutes

         For agencies with operational mandates, please provide a report on projected operations, modifications of operations or water supply forecasting within the Colorado Basin, any plans for revising or augmenting data collection systems based on this year's expected runoff.

         For agencies with forecasting mandates, please provide a report on any forecasting issues/problems encountered and any forecast model improvements made prior to or during the water year, and any anticipated needs.

         The following agencies are expected to present updates:

o    Army Corp of Engineers

o    USBR- Upper Colorado Region

o    USBR- Lower Colorado Region

o    Western Area Power Administration

o    US Geological Survey

o    Natural Resource Conservation Service

o    National Weather Service, CBRFC


cc: (email)

Bruce Williams, USBR-LC

Shana Tighi, USBR-LC

Dan Bunk, USBR-LC

Bryan Wuerker, USBR-LC

Noe I Santos, USBR-LC

Malcolm Wilson, USBR-UC

Heather Hermansen, USBR-UC

Paul Davidson, USBR-UC

Katrina Grantz, USBR-UC

Ed Vidmar, USBR-UC

Dan Crabtree, USBR-UC

Erik Knight, USBR-UC

Ryan Christianson, USBR-UC

Susan Behery, USBR-UC

Michelle Stokes, NOAA

Kevin Werner, NOAA

Brenda Alcorn, NOAA

Brent Bernard, NOAA

Greg Smith, NOAA

Ashley Nielson, NOAA

Paul Miller, NOAA

Angus Goodbody, NRCS

Cory Angeroth, USGS

Greg Peacock, USACE

Ned Araujo, USACE

Sam Loftin, WAPA