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Water Supply Volume Percent Average/Median Condition
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AreaSub AreaLocationAvg CondForecast PeriodMin 90P 70MP 50P 30Max 10Pct AvgPct Med
1GreenUpper DanielApr 01-Jul 311251501751982257180
2GreenUpper Fremont LkApr 01-Jul 3145576775826871
3GreenUpper Big PineyApr 01-Jul 31951311702202654854
4GreenUpper Fontenelle ReservoirApr 01-Jul 312403204305055805966
5GreenUpper FarsonApr 01-Jul 3116222735435257
6GreenUpper Green RiverApr 01-Jul 312353104205006055867
7GreenUpper Stateline ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3113161921257383
8GreenUpper RobertsonApr 01-Jul 3136445061785654
9GreenUpper FrontierApr 01-Jul 3122273140505766
10GreenUpper Viva Naughton ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3128344052705463
11GreenUpper Flaming Gorge ReservoirApr 01-Jul 313304105306809105464
12GreenYampa/White Stagecoach RsvrApr 01-Jul 3191113.516195964
13GreenYampa/White Steamboat SpringsApr 01-Jul 31971191431732155557
14GreenYampa/White MilnerApr 01-Jul 311541872152502956766
15GreenYampa/White Long GulchApr 01-Jul 3118283444554745
16GreenYampa/White MaybellApr 01-Jul 313654705506507655961
17GreenYampa/White SlaterApr 01-Jul 3169911101281507171
18GreenYampa/White DixonApr 01-Jul 311301702052603255957
19GreenYampa/White LilyApr 01-Jul 311201682052603405968
20GreenYampa/White Deerlodge ParkApr 01-Jul 3147565077592011206266
21GreenYampa/White MeekerApr 01-Jul 311261451601832255760
22GreenYampa/White WatsonApr 01-Jul 311301481611882355756
23GreenDuchesne VernalApr 01-Jul 317.69.211.912.719.15760
24GreenDuchesne VernalApr 01-Jul 3115.619.32325404652
25GreenDuchesne WhiterocksApr 01-Jul 3114212527374653
26GreenDuchesne NeolaApr 01-Jul 3118.5283539564756
27GreenDuchesne AltonahApr 01-Jul 3121283336475457
28GreenDuchesne Moon Lake ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3119293336475052
29GreenDuchesne Upper Stillwater ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3127354045565456
30GreenDuchesne Docs DivApr 01-Jul 311.
31GreenDuchesne Mountain HomeApr 01-Jul 3133424953665657
32GreenDuchesne Vat DiversionApr 01-Jul 314.
33GreenDuchesne TabionaApr 01-Jul 3142495762735361
34GreenDuchesne DuchesneApr 01-Jul 3176921041141375460
35GreenDuchesne Currant Ck ReservoirApr 01-Jul 314.
36GreenDuchesne Strawberry ReservoirApr 01-Jul 311014.618.821312639
37GreenDuchesne Starvation ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3129374049583651
38GreenDuchesne MytonApr 01-Jul 3155841101221743342
39GreenDuchesne RandlettApr 01-Jul 3165941161321863036
40GreenLower ScofieldApr 01-Jul 319.311.613.91519.94656
41GreenLower Scofield ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3111.914.717.618.9264350
42GreenLower Blo Tabbyune CkApr 01-Jul 311.
43GreenLower Green RiverApr 01-Jul 3197012501500189024505157
44GreenLower Electric LakeApr 01-Jul 3144.
45GreenLower Power PlantApr 01-Jul 311819.12021285056
46GreenLower Joes Vly ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3116.819.62427384352
47GreenLower FerronApr 01-Jul 319.713.618.121294853
48GreenLower EmeryApr 01-Jul 315.
49Low ColLittle Lyman LkApr 01-Jun 300.
50Low ColLittle Lyman LkJan 01-Jun 300.410.510.610.710.9169
51Low ColLittle Black Rock ResApr 01-May 3100000.100
52Low ColLittle Black Rock ResJan 01-May 3100000.100
53Low ColLittle WinslowApr 01-May 31000.10.20.326
54Low ColLittle WinslowJan 01-May 31000.10.20.311
55Low ColGila GilaApr 01-May 314.
56Low ColGila GilaJan 01-May 3114.614.81515.315.92027
57Low ColGila VirdenApr 01-May 314.
58Low ColGila VirdenJan 01-May 3118.518.71919.5201725
59Low ColGila GlenwoodApr 01-May 311.
60Low ColGila GlenwoodJan 01-May 314.
61Low ColGila CliftonApr 01-May 313.53.744.45.21423
62Low ColGila CliftonJan 01-May 3111.81212.312.713.51220
63Low ColGila SolomonApr 01-May 317.288.59.5111422
64Low ColGila SolomonJan 01-May 3125262728291120
65Low ColGila San Carlos ReservoirApr 01-May 31011.523.548
66Low ColGila San Carlos ReservoirJan 01-May 316.
67Low ColSalt RooseveltApr 01-May 3114.515.516.217.5201013
68Low ColSalt RooseveltJan 01-May 3141424344461014
69Low ColSalt RooseveltApr 01-May 3100.20.40.7147
70Low ColSalt RooseveltJan 01-May 313.
71Low ColSalt Tangle CkApr 01-May 311111.512.514172535
72Low ColSalt Tangle CkJan 01-May 3153545556591835
73San Juan Pagosa SpringsApr 01-Jul 311061201351561856363
74San Juan CarracasApr 01-Jul 311852102352753156260
75San Juan Pagosa SpringsApr 01-Jul 3132364146537675
76San Juan ChromoApr 01-Jul 3135404753607270
77San Juan ArbolesApr 01-Jul 3170841051261655054
78San Juan Vallecito ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3168861031251535357
79San Juan Navajo ReservoirApr 01-Jul 312703253954605655456
80San Juan Lemon ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3116212632394755
81San Juan DurangoApr 01-Jul 311401782102553105155
82San Juan FarmingtonApr 01-Jul 313704455206457904750
83San Juan HesperusApr 01-Jul 3156.58.510.914.53742
84San Juan BluffApr 01-Jul 313304005056307804653
85San Juan MancosApr 01-Jul 316.48.410.813.8183540
86San Juan Oso Div DamApr 01-Jul 312.
87GreatBear UtahApr 01-Jul 3147556270905558
88GreatBear Woodruff Narrows RsvrApr 01-Jul 3133394660853842
89GreatBear BorderApr 01-Jul 3146536268807078
90GreatBear MontpelierApr 01-Jul 31445570841023860
91GreatBear LoganApr 01-Jul 3152586672905968
92GreatBear HyrumApr 01-Jul 311618.92124314972
93GreatBear ParadiseApr 01-Jul 3178.91114222322
94GreatWeber OakleyApr 01-Jul 3143495867804950
95GreatWeber Rockport ResApr 01-Jul 3134415162823941
96GreatWeber CoalvilleApr 01-Jul 317.88.710.314.3212528
97GreatWeber CoalvilleApr 01-Jul 3133395060843739
98GreatWeber Echo ReservoirApr 01-Jul 31394557721003334
99GreatWeber Lost Ck ReservoirApr 01-Jul 312.62.93.4462538
100GreatWeber East Canyon ReservoirApr 01-Jul 319.810.712.613.5204748
101GreatWeber GatewayApr 01-Jul 3169771001171863135
102GreatWeber HuntsvilleApr 01-Jul 3112.416.12125383843
103GreatWeber Pineview ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3119.3243040652731
104GreatUtah Lake WoodlandApr 01-Jul 3141475458755453
105GreatUtah Lake HailstoneApr 01-Jul 3144495961805455
106GreatUtah Lake Deer Ck ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3145525864854647
107GreatUtah Lake American ForkApr 01-Jul 318.19.911.612.9163758
108GreatUtah Lake CastillaApr 01-Jul 3116.8202224313247
109GreatUtah Lake Cedar FortApr 01-Jul 310.310.360.430.621.172436
110GreatUtah Lake Nephi Powerplant DivApr 01-Jul 312.
111GreatUtah Lake Utah LakeApr 01-Jul 3183951181271543646
112GreatSix Creeks Salt Lake CityApr 01-Jul 312.
113GreatSix Creeks Ft DouglasApr 01-Jul 310.
114GreatSix Creeks Little Dell ReservoirApr 01-Jul 311.41.822.43.83650
115GreatSix Creeks Salt Lake CityApr 01-Jul 311.
116GreatSix Creeks Salt Lake CityApr 01-Jul 313.
117GreatSix Creeks Salt Lake CityApr 01-Jul 312.12.533.54.24760
118GreatSix Creeks Salt Lake CityApr 01-Jul 311618.42123275868
119GreatSix Creeks Salt Lake CityApr 01-Jul 3118.1202224275863
120GreatSix Creeks GrantsvilleApr 01-Jul 311.291.421.6222.55262
121Sevier HatchApr 01-Jul 3111.413.21515.818.63142
122Sevier KingstonApr 01-Jul 311.131.64335.5917
123Sevier KingstonApr 01-Jul 3121242628337474
124Sevier Piute ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3124273035404664
125Sevier SevierApr 01-Jul 318.39.611.313.516.65473
126Sevier EmeryApr 01-Jul 311.
127Sevier GunnisonApr 01-Jul 3115.9223039603073
128Sevier MantiApr 01-Jul 315.
129Sevier BeaverApr 01-Jul 319.910.81213.7204657
130Sevier Cedar CityApr 01-Jul 314.
131ColoradoGunnison Taylor Park ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3156637080907185
132ColoradoGunnison AlmontApr 01-Jul 3185951051201406883
133ColoradoGunnison AlmontApr 01-Jul 31951101251451656975
134ColoradoGunnison GunnisonApr 01-Jul 311852152402853356572
135ColoradoGunnison GunnisonApr 01-Jul 3125344354655874
136ColoradoGunnison GateviewApr 01-Jul 316073861051257072
137ColoradoGunnison Blue Mesa ReservoirApr 01-Jul 313303854405306306577
138ColoradoGunnison Morrow Point ReservoirApr 01-Jul 313604204805806806577
139ColoradoGunnison Crystal ReservoirApr 01-Jul 314004705406507606578
140ColoradoGunnison Paonia ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3124344253624358
141ColoradoGunnison Paonia ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3124344253624358
142ColoradoGunnison Paonia ReservoirApr 01-Jun 3023334152614559
143ColoradoGunnison Paonia ReservoirApr 01-Jun 3023334152614559
144ColoradoGunnison Paonia ReservoirMar 01-Jun 3024344253624458
145ColoradoGunnison Paonia ReservoirMar 01-Jun 3024344253624458
146ColoradoGunnison SomersetApr 01-Jul 311051351601852155467
147ColoradoGunnison CedaredgeApr 01-Jul 3145.579114254
148ColoradoGunnison Ridgway ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3142526274866162
149ColoradoGunnison ColonaApr 01-Jul 31466074941145456
150ColoradoGunnison DeltaApr 01-Jul 3122344665844149
151ColoradoGunnison Grand JunctionApr 01-Jul 31600730860104012305868
152ColoradoDolores DoloresApr 01-Jul 3180991181531864854
153ColoradoDolores Mcphee ReservoirApr 01-Jul 31831051301652054452
154ColoradoDolores PlacervilleApr 01-Jul 31475867831005255
155ColoradoDolores CiscoApr 01-Jul 311451852252953754050
156ColoradoMainstem Lake GranbyApr 01-Jul 311151401651952257575
157ColoradoMainstem Willow Ck ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3116233038466462
158ColoradoMainstem Winter ParkApr 01-Jul 31121415.517208079
159ColoradoMainstem Williams Fork ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3147556374856670
160ColoradoMainstem Dillon ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3175921081251456668
161ColoradoMainstem Green Mtn ReservoirApr 01-Jul 311251501802052356569
162ColoradoMainstem Wolford Mountain ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3118243037445658
163ColoradoMainstem KremmlingApr 01-Jul 314205005806908006771
164ColoradoMainstem GypsumApr 01-Jul 311401702002402806063
165ColoradoMainstem DotseroApr 01-Jul 31640780910109012806568
166ColoradoMainstem Ruedi ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3170851001151357278
167ColoradoMainstem Glenwood SpringsApr 01-Jul 313604204705406106873
168ColoradoMainstem Glenwood SpringsApr 01-Jul 31100012001400165019406670
169ColoradoMainstem CameoApr 01-Jul 31110013001500180021006468
170ColoradoMainstem CameoApr 01-Jul 3124354666863750
171ColoradoMainstem CiscoApr 01-Jul 31180022002550300035005765
172ColoradoMainstem Lake PowellApr 01-Jul 31170026003200400054004549
173Virgin Pine ValleyApr 01-Jul 310.
174Virgin VirginApr 01-Jul 3115182023283449
175Virgin HurricaneApr 01-Jul 31101213.517222133
176Virgin LittlefieldApr 01-Jul 311416.51924292950