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Water Supply Volume Percent Average/Median Condition
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Sub AreaRiverLocationForecast DateAvg CondMed CondForecast PeriodMin 90P 70MP 50P 30AvgMedPct Avg
1UpperGreen Daniel2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3112515017519824522071
2UpperPine Ck Fremont Lk2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3145576775989468
3UpperNew Fork Big Piney2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 319513117022035531548
4UpperGreen Fontenelle Reservoir2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3124032043050572565059
5UpperBig Sandy Farson2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3116222735524752
6UpperGreen Green River2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3123531042050073063058
7UpperEf Smiths Fork Stateline Reservoir2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3113161921262373
8UpperBlacks Fork Robertson2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3136445061899356
9UpperHams Fork Frontier2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3122273140544757
10UpperHams Fork Viva Naughton Reservoir2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3128344052746354
11UpperGreen Flaming Gorge Reservoir2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3133041053068098083054
12Yampa/WhiteYampa Stagecoach Rsvr2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3191113.516232159
13Yampa/WhiteYampa Steamboat Springs2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 319711914317326025055
14Yampa/WhiteElk Milner2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3115418721525032032567
15Yampa/WhiteElkhead Ck Long Gulch2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3118283444737647
16Yampa/WhiteYampa Maybell2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3136547055065093589559
17Yampa/WhiteLittle Snake Slater2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 31699111012815615471
18Yampa/WhiteLittle Snake Dixon2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3113017020526034536059
19Yampa/WhiteLittle Snake Lily2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3112016820526034530059
20Yampa/WhiteYampa Deerlodge Park2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 314756507759201240117062
21Yampa/WhiteWhite Meeker2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3112614516018328026557
22Yampa/WhiteWhite Watson2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3113014816118828028557
23DuchesneBig Brush Ck Vernal2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 317.69.211.912.72119.957
24DuchesneAshley Ck Vernal2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3115.619.32325504446
25DuchesneWhiterocks Whiterocks2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3114212527544746
26DuchesneUinta Neola2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3118.5283539746247
27DuchesneYellowstone Altonah2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3121283336615854
28DuchesneLake Fork Moon Lake Reservoir2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3119293336666450
29DuchesneRock Ck Upper Stillwater Reservoir2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3127354045747154
30DuchesneSouth Fork Rock Ck Docs Div2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 311.
31DuchesneRock Ck Mountain Home2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3133424953888656
32DuchesneWest Fork Duchesne Vat Diversion2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 314.
33DuchesneDuchesne Tabiona2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 31424957621089453
34DuchesneDuchesne Duchesne2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 31769210411419417354
35DuchesneCurrant Ck Currant Ck Reservoir2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 314.
36DuchesneStrawberry Strawberry Reservoir2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 311014.618.821714826
37DuchesneStrawberry Starvation Reservoir2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 31293740491127936
38DuchesneDuchesne Myton2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 31558411012233026533
39DuchesneDuchesne Randlett2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 31659411613238532030
40LowerFish Ck Scofield2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 319.311.613.915302546
41LowerPrice Scofield Reservoir2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3111.914.717.618.9413543
42LowerWhite Blo Tabbyune Ck2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 311.
43LowerGreen Green River2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 319701250150018902960261051
44LowerHuntington Ck Electric Lake2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3144.55.15.713.311.738
45LowerHuntington Ck Power Plant2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 311819.12021403650
46LowerSeeley Ck Joes Vly Reservoir2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3116.819.62427564643
47LowerFerron Ck Ferron2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 319.713.618.121383448
48LowerMuddy Ck Emery2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 315.