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Water Supply Volume Percent Average/Median Condition
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AreaSub AreaRiverLocationAvg CondMed CondForecast PeriodMin 90P 70MP 50P 30Max 10AvgMedPct Med
1San JuanSan Juan Pagosa SpringsApr 01-Jul 3111712012713214521521559
2San JuanSan Juan Pagosa SpringsJun 01-Jul 311922293447968335
3San JuanSan Juan CarracasApr 01-Jul 3118218720021022538039051
4San JuanSan Juan CarracasJun 01-Jul 31394457658215813542
5San JuanRio Blanco Pagosa SpringsApr 01-Jul 312829313335545556
6San JuanRio Blanco Pagosa SpringsJun 01-Jul 3167.2910.513232143
7San JuanNavajo ChromoApr 01-Jul 313031333539656749
8San JuanNavajo ChromoJun 01-Jul 3178.11012.416302737
9San JuanPiedra ArbolesApr 01-Jul 3110110411211612521019657
10San JuanPiedra ArbolesJun 01-Jul 311821293342746445
11San JuanLos Pinos Vallecito ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3111412113013815019418172
12San JuanLos Pinos Vallecito ReservoirJun 01-Jul 313239485668998656
13San JuanSan Juan Navajo ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3132033536538541073570052
14San JuanSan Juan Navajo ReservoirJun 01-Jul 3141558610813029025534
15San JuanFlorida Lemon ReservoirApr 01-Jul 312932343639554772
16San JuanFlorida Lemon ReservoirJun 01-Jul 317.511131518272552
17San JuanAnimas DurangoApr 01-Jul 3123024526027530541538568
18San JuanAnimas DurangoJun 01-Jul 31829611313016022017764
19San JuanSan Juan FarmingtonApr 01-Jul 315105405706206801100103055
20San JuanSan Juan FarmingtonJun 01-Jul 3112715518623529547038548
21San JuanLa Plata HesperusApr 01-Jul 3110.111.111.912.814.1232060
22San JuanLa Plata HesperusJun 01-Jul 31233.84.768.55.964
23San JuanSan Juan BluffApr 01-Jul 31475510545595655110095057
24San JuanSan Juan BluffJun 01-Jul 3110013416822028045035048
25San JuanMancos MancosApr 01-Jul 3110.110.210.71112.7312740
26San JuanMancos MancosJun 01-Jul 311.71.822.32.64.310.47.431
27San JuanLittle Navajo Oso Div DamApr 01-Jul 312.52.62.933.17.67.738
28San JuanLittle Navajo Oso Div DamJun 01-Jul 310.