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Water Supply Volume Percent Average/Median Condition
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AreaSub AreaRiverLocationForecast DateAvg CondMed CondForecast PeriodMin 90P 70MP 50P 30AvgMedPct AvgPct Med
1GreatBearBear Utah2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 31909597991121068792
2GreatBearBear Utah2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 313742444666636770
3GreatBearBear Woodruff Narrows Rsvr2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 31616972741211106065
4GreatBearBear Woodruff Narrows Rsvr2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 311523262857444659
5GreatBearSmiths Fork Border2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 317075798289808999
6GreatBearSmiths Fork Border2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 313237414450438295
7GreatBearBear Montpelier2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3110011712012518211766103
8GreatBearBear Montpelier2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 313148515691535696
9GreatBearLogan Logan2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3185909395111978496
10GreatBearLogan Logan2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 313843464861537587
11GreatBearBlacksmith Fork Hyrum2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3128303233432974110
12GreatBearBlacksmith Fork Hyrum2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 317.79.711.412.716.212.87089
13GreatBearLittle Bear Paradise2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3119.120212247514541
14GreatBearLittle Bear Paradise2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 310.771.692.73.711.69.22329
15GreatWeberWeber Oakley2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 31808791961181167778
16GreatWeberWeber Oakley2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 312431354064595559
17GreatWeberWeber Rockport Res2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 31707581861321256165
18GreatWeberWeber Rockport Res2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 3118.423293464584550
19GreatWeberChalk Ck Coalville2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 31151617.117.841374246
20GreatWeberChalk Ck Coalville2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 311.942.944.715.713.32530
21GreatWeberWeber Coalville2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 31728084881341296365
22GreatWeberWeber Coalville2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 311725293363584650
23GreatWeberWeber Echo Reservoir2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 318090971031711665758
24GreatWeberWeber Echo Reservoir2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 311323303675644047
25GreatWeberLost Ck Lost Ck Reservoir2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 316.
26GreatWeberLost Ck Lost Ck Reservoir2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 310.510.911.241.812.91.874366
27GreatWeberEast Canyon Ck East Canyon Reservoir2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3113.514.815.515.727265760
28GreatWeberEast Canyon Ck East Canyon Reservoir2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 311.412.
29GreatWeberWeber Gateway2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 311491651711763252855360
30GreatWeberWeber Gateway2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 3118.63541461101013741
31GreatWeberSf Ogden Huntsville2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 313234363756496473
32GreatWeberSf Ogden Huntsville2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 312.
33GreatWeberOgden Pineview Reservoir2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3153575859113985159
34GreatWeberOgden Pineview Reservoir2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 311.365.46.67.62318.72935
35GreatUtah LakeProvo Woodland2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 31838589921001018988
36GreatUtah LakeProvo Woodland2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 312527313447426674
37GreatUtah LakeProvo Hailstone2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 31858992941101078486
38GreatUtah LakeProvo Hailstone2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 312731343652456576
39GreatUtah LakeProvo Deer Ck Reservoir2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 317985921001271237275
40GreatUtah LakeProvo Deer Ck Reservoir2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 311824313955475666
41GreatUtah LakeAmerican Fork American Fork2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3111.813.114.41631204672
42GreatUtah LakeAmerican Fork American Fork2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 315.
43GreatUtah LakeSpanish Fork Castilla2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 312628293169474262
44GreatUtah LakeSpanish Fork Castilla2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 3167.59.210.624183851
45GreatUtah LakeWest Canyon Ck Cedar Fort2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 310.580.630.660.711.761.193855
46GreatUtah LakeWest Canyon Ck Cedar Fort2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 310.
47GreatUtah LakeSalt Ck Nephi Powerplant Div2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3133.
48GreatUtah LakeSalt Ck Nephi Powerplant Div2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 310.610.851.121.753.12.83640
49GreatUtah LakeJordan Utah Lake2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 311801952152203252556684
50GreatUtah LakeJordan Utah Lake2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 3118.93454611271084350
51GreatSix CreeksCity Ck Salt Lake City2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 313.13.43.647.75.94761
52GreatSix CreeksCity Ck Salt Lake City2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 311.11.411.611.953.63.44547
53GreatSix CreeksRed Butte Ck Ft Douglas2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 310.60.650.70.731.91.393750
54GreatSix CreeksRed Butte Ck Ft Douglas2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 310.
55GreatSix CreeksDell Fk Little Dell Reservoir2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 312.833.13.45.545678
56GreatSix CreeksDell Fk Little Dell Reservoir2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 310.150.30.490.71.341.083745
57GreatSix CreeksLambs Ck Salt Lake City2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 312.
58GreatSix CreeksLambs Ck Salt Lake City2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 310.650.
59GreatSix CreeksParleys Ck Salt Lake City2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 316.
60GreatSix CreeksParleys Ck Salt Lake City2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 311.51.71.841.954.74.13945
61GreatSix CreeksMill Ck Salt Lake City2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 312.
62GreatSix CreeksMill Ck Salt Lake City2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 310.851.151.581.93.334853
63GreatSix CreeksBig Cottonwood Ck Salt Lake City2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3119.221232536316474
64GreatSix CreeksBig Cottonwood Ck Salt Lake City2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 317.28.610.71319.218.15659
65GreatSix CreeksLittle Cottonwood Ck Salt Lake City2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 312629313238358289
66GreatSix CreeksLittle Cottonwood Ck Salt Lake City2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 31121516.817.924247070
67GreatSix CreeksS Willow Ck Grantsville2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 311.141.431.541.763.12.65059
68GreatSix CreeksS Willow Ck Grantsville2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 310.30.590.70.921.681.384251