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Water Supply Volume Percent Average/Median Condition
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AreaSub AreaNWS IDRiverLocationForecast DateAvg CondMed CondForecast PeriodMin 90P 70MP 50P 30Max 10AvgMed
1GreatBearBERU1Bear Utah2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3190959799106112106
2GreatBearBERU1Bear Utah2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 3137424446536663
3GreatBearBEAW4Bear Woodruff Narrows Rsvr2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 316169727480121110
4GreatBearBEAW4Bear Woodruff Narrows Rsvr2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 3115232628345744
5GreatBearBORW4Smiths Fork Border2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3170757982878980
6GreatBearBORW4Smiths Fork Border2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 3132374144495043
7GreatBearSTDI1Bear Montpelier2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 31100117120125140182117
8GreatBearSTDI1Bear Montpelier2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 3131485156719153
9GreatBearLGNU1Logan Logan2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 318590939510211197
10GreatBearLGNU1Logan Logan2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 3138434648556153
11GreatBearHRMU1Blacksmith Fork Hyrum2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3128303233344329
12GreatBearHRMU1Blacksmith Fork Hyrum2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 317.79.711.412.713.716.212.8
13GreatBearPRZU1Little Bear Paradise2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3119.1202122244751
14GreatBearPRZU1Little Bear Paradise2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 310.771.692.
15GreatWeberOAWU1Weber Oakley2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3180879196102118116
16GreatWeberOAWU1Weber Oakley2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 3124313540466459
17GreatWeberRKUU1Weber Rockport Res2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 317075818692132125
18GreatWeberRKUU1Weber Rockport Res2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 3118.4232934406458
19GreatWeberCIVU1Chalk Ck Coalville2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 31151617.117.8204137
20GreatWeberCIVU1Chalk Ck Coalville2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 311.942.944.77.415.713.3
21GreatWeberCLLU1Weber Coalville2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 317280848894134129
22GreatWeberCLLU1Weber Coalville2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 3117252933396358
23GreatWeberECBU1Weber Echo Reservoir2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 31809097103111171166
24GreatWeberECBU1Weber Echo Reservoir2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 3113233036447564
25GreatWeberCRAU1Lost Ck Lost Ck Reservoir2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 316.
26GreatWeberCRAU1Lost Ck Lost Ck Reservoir2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 310.510.911.241.812.12.91.87
27GreatWeberECRU1East Canyon Ck East Canyon Reservoir2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3113.514.815.515.717.12726
28GreatWeberECRU1East Canyon Ck East Canyon Reservoir2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 311.412.73.43.658.48.1
29GreatWeberGATU1Weber Gateway2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 31149165171176192325285
30GreatWeberGATU1Weber Gateway2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 3118.635414662110101
31GreatWeberOGHU1Sf Ogden Huntsville2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3132343637405649
32GreatWeberOGHU1Sf Ogden Huntsville2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 312.
33GreatWeberPINU1Ogden Pineview Reservoir2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 31535758596411398
34GreatWeberPINU1Ogden Pineview Reservoir2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 311.365.46.67.612.22318.7
35GreatUtah LakeWOOU1Provo Woodland2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 318385899298100101
36GreatUtah LakeWOOU1Provo Woodland2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 3125273134404742
37GreatUtah LakePVHU1Provo Hailstone2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3185899294100110107
38GreatUtah LakePVHU1Provo Hailstone2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 3127313436425245
39GreatUtah LakeDCRU1Provo Deer Ck Reservoir2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 31798592100109127123
40GreatUtah LakeDCRU1Provo Deer Ck Reservoir2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 3118243139485547
41GreatUtah LakeAFPU1American Fork American Fork2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3111.813.114.41618.23120
42GreatUtah LakeAFPU1American Fork American Fork2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 315.
43GreatUtah LakeCASU1Spanish Fork Castilla2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3126282931326947
44GreatUtah LakeCASU1Spanish Fork Castilla2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 3167.59.210.6122418
45GreatUtah LakeWESU1West Canyon Ck Cedar Fort2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 310.580.630.660.710.751.761.19
46GreatUtah LakeWESU1West Canyon Ck Cedar Fort2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 310.
47GreatUtah LakeSZZU1Salt Ck Nephi Powerplant Div2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3133.
48GreatUtah LakeSZZU1Salt Ck Nephi Powerplant Div2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 310.610.851.121.752.33.12.8
49GreatUtah LakeUTLU1Jordan Utah Lake2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 31180195215220230325255
50GreatUtah LakeUTLU1Jordan Utah Lake2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 3118.934546169127108
51GreatSix CreeksCCSU1City Ck Salt Lake City2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 313.13.43.644.47.75.9
52GreatSix CreeksCCSU1City Ck Salt Lake City2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 311.11.411.611.952.43.63.4
53GreatSix CreeksRBCU1Red Butte Ck Ft Douglas2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 310.60.650.70.730.781.91.39
54GreatSix CreeksRBCU1Red Butte Ck Ft Douglas2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 310.
55GreatSix CreeksDELU1Dell Fk Little Dell Reservoir2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 312.833.
56GreatSix CreeksDELU1Dell Fk Little Dell Reservoir2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 310.150.30.490.70.851.341.08
57GreatSix CreeksLAMU1Lambs Ck Salt Lake City2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 312.
58GreatSix CreeksLAMU1Lambs Ck Salt Lake City2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 310.650.
59GreatSix CreeksPRLU1Parleys Ck Salt Lake City2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 316.
60GreatSix CreeksPRLU1Parleys Ck Salt Lake City2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 311.51.71.841.952.54.74.1
61GreatSix CreeksMILU1Mill Ck Salt Lake City2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 312.
62GreatSix CreeksMILU1Mill Ck Salt Lake City2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 310.851.151.581.92.53.33
63GreatSix CreeksBCTU1Big Cottonwood Ck Salt Lake City2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3119.2212325273631
64GreatSix CreeksBCTU1Big Cottonwood Ck Salt Lake City2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 317.28.610.7131519.218.1
65GreatSix CreeksLCTU1Little Cottonwood Ck Salt Lake City2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 3126293132343835
66GreatSix CreeksLCTU1Little Cottonwood Ck Salt Lake City2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 31121516.817.919.82424
67GreatSix CreeksWCGU1S Willow Ck Grantsville2020-6-1Apr 01-Jul 311.141.431.541.762.13.12.6
68GreatSix CreeksWCGU1S Willow Ck Grantsville2020-6-1Jun 01-Jul 310.30.590.70.921.251.681.38