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Water Supply Volume Percent Average/Median Condition
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AreaSub AreaLocationAvg CondMed CondForecast PeriodMin 90P 70MP 50P 30Max 10AvgMedPct Med
1ColoradoGunnison Taylor Park ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3155647288105998288
2ColoradoGunnison AlmontApr 01-Jul 31809711513516015512691
3ColoradoGunnison AlmontApr 01-Jul 318511013016019518216778
4ColoradoGunnison GunnisonApr 01-Jul 3116521025531538037033576
5ColoradoGunnison GunnisonApr 01-Jul 312030406080745869
6ColoradoGunnison GateviewApr 01-Jul 3160779411613812312078
7ColoradoGunnison Blue Mesa ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3132039547059071067557582
8ColoradoGunnison Morrow Point ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3134543051063576574062582
9ColoradoGunnison Crystal ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3137547557071085083569582
10ColoradoGunnison Paonia ReservoirApr 01-Jul 312432405674977256
11ColoradoGunnison Paonia ReservoirApr 01-Jul 312432405674977256
12ColoradoGunnison Paonia ReservoirMar 01-Jun 302432405674967355
13ColoradoGunnison Paonia ReservoirMar 01-Jun 302432405674967355
14ColoradoGunnison SomersetApr 01-Jul 3110513516021026529524067
15ColoradoGunnison CedaredgeApr 01-Jul 3145.46.810.41416.81352
16ColoradoGunnison Ridgway ReservoirApr 01-Jul 31425262809810110062
17ColoradoGunnison ColonaApr 01-Jul 3147627610313013713158
18ColoradoGunnison DeltaApr 01-Jul 31223548751021139352
19ColoradoGunnison Grand JunctionApr 01-Jul 31600740880114014001480127069
20ColoradoDolores DoloresApr 01-Jul 317310813516522024522061
21ColoradoDolores Mcphee ReservoirApr 01-Jul 317912015018524529525060
22ColoradoDolores PlacervilleApr 01-Jul 314158708310912812257
23ColoradoDolores CiscoApr 01-Jul 3112219225532041556545057
24ColoradoMainstem Lake GranbyApr 01-Jul 319512515020025022022068
25ColoradoMainstem Willow Ck ReservoirApr 01-Jul 311220284358474858
26ColoradoMainstem Winter ParkApr 01-Jul 319.512.515182119.419.776
27ColoradoMainstem Williams Fork ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3143536381100969070
28ColoradoMainstem Dillon ReservoirApr 01-Jul 31658710813416016315968
29ColoradoMainstem Green Mtn ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3111515018022527527526069
30ColoradoMainstem Wolford Mountain ReservoirApr 01-Jul 311321294052545256
31ColoradoMainstem KremmlingApr 01-Jul 3133044055073091086082067
32ColoradoMainstem GypsumApr 01-Jul 3113016520026533033531563
33ColoradoMainstem DotseroApr 01-Jul 31540710880115014201400134066
34ColoradoMainstem Ruedi ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3160769211614013912971
35ColoradoMainstem Glenwood SpringsApr 01-Jul 3132038545057570069064070
36ColoradoMainstem Glenwood SpringsApr 01-Jul 3190011501400170021502110200070
37ColoradoMainstem CameoApr 01-Jul 3198012401500195024002360219068
38ColoradoMainstem CameoApr 01-Jul 31203346731001249250
39ColoradoMainstem CiscoApr 01-Jul 31170021502600335041004440392066
40ColoradoMainstem Lake PowellApr 01-Jul 31175025703300420060007160647051