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Water Supply Volume Percent Average/Median Condition
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AreaSub AreaRiverLocationAvg CondMed CondForecast PeriodMin 90P 30Max 10AvgMedPct AvgPct Med
1ColoradoGunnisonTaylor Taylor Park ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3155849799827287
2ColoradoGunnisonTaylor AlmontApr 01-Jul 31851301501551267187
3ColoradoGunnisonEast AlmontApr 01-Jul 31901551801821677178
4ColoradoGunnisonGunnison GunnisonApr 01-Jul 311803053603703356976
5ColoradoGunnisonTomichi Ck GunnisonApr 01-Jul 3119557174585367
6ColoradoGunnisonLake Fork GateviewApr 01-Jul 31551091301231207273
7ColoradoGunnisonGunnison Blue Mesa ReservoirApr 01-Jul 313305606606755756880
8ColoradoGunnisonGunnison Morrow Point ReservoirApr 01-Jul 313506007007406256880
9ColoradoGunnisonGunnison Crystal ReservoirApr 01-Jul 314006808008356956781
10ColoradoGunnisonMuddy Ck Paonia ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3122547097724156
11ColoradoGunnisonMuddy Ck Paonia ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3122547097724156
12ColoradoGunnisonMuddy Ck Paonia ReservoirMar 01-Jun 3022547096734255
13ColoradoGunnisonMuddy Ck Paonia ReservoirMar 01-Jun 3022547096734255
14ColoradoGunnisonNf Gunnison SomersetApr 01-Jul 311052002502952405467
15ColoradoGunnisonSurface Ck CedaredgeApr 01-Jul 313.79.31216.8134052
16ColoradoGunnisonUncompahgre Ridgway ReservoirApr 01-Jul 314078941011006162
17ColoradoGunnisonUncompahgre ColonaApr 01-Jul 3144991241371315456
18ColoradoGunnisonUncompahgre DeltaApr 01-Jul 31207196113934149
19ColoradoGunnisonGunnison Grand JunctionApr 01-Jul 3158011101340148012705969
20ColoradoDoloresDolores DoloresApr 01-Jul 31651451982452204854
21ColoradoDoloresDolores Mcphee ReservoirApr 01-Jul 31721652352952504553
22ColoradoDoloresSan Miguel PlacervilleApr 01-Jul 3140791081281225255
23ColoradoDoloresDolores CiscoApr 01-Jul 311092754005654504050
24ColoradoMainstemColorado Lake GranbyApr 01-Jul 311052052452202207575
25ColoradoMainstemWillow Ck Willow Ck ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3115435547486665
26ColoradoMainstemFraser Winter ParkApr 01-Jul 3110.517.52019.419.77776
27ColoradoMainstemWilliams Fork Williams Fork ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3145799596906670
28ColoradoMainstemBlue Dillon ReservoirApr 01-Jul 31701291501631596668
29ColoradoMainstemBlue Green Mtn ReservoirApr 01-Jul 311202152552752606569
30ColoradoMainstemMuddy Ck Wolford Mountain ReservoirApr 01-Jul 3118445554526163
31ColoradoMainstemColorado KremmlingApr 01-Jul 313807308808608206771
32ColoradoMainstemEagle GypsumApr 01-Jul 311402603203353156063
33ColoradoMainstemColorado DotseroApr 01-Jul 3163011501400140013406568
34ColoradoMainstemFrying Pan Ruedi ReservoirApr 01-Jul 31651151401391297278
35ColoradoMainstemRoaring Fork Glenwood SpringsApr 01-Jul 313505656606906406873
36ColoradoMainstemColorado Glenwood SpringsApr 01-Jul 31100017002110211020006670
37ColoradoMainstemColorado CameoApr 01-Jul 31110019002300236021906468
38ColoradoMainstemPlateau Ck CameoApr 01-Jul 31226992124923750
39ColoradoMainstemColorado CiscoApr 01-Jul 31170031503800444039205765
40ColoradoMainstemColorado Lake PowellApr 01-Jul 31182041005900716064704753