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Water Supply Volume Percent Average/Median Condition
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AreaRiverLocationForecast DateAvg CondMed CondForecast PeriodMin 90P 70MP 50P 30Max 10AvgMedPct Med
1GreenGreen Daniel2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3112515017519822524522080
2GreenEf Smiths Fork Stateline Reservoir2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 311316192125262383
3GreenLittle Snake Slater2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 31699111012815015615471
4GreenPine Ck Fremont Lk2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 314557677582989471
5GreenGreen Fontenelle Reservoir2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3124032043050558072565066
6GreenBig Sandy Farson2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 311622273543524757
7GreenGreen Green River2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3123531042050060573063067
8GreenBlacks Fork Robertson2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 313644506178899354
9GreenHams Fork Frontier2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 312227314050544766
10GreenHams Fork Viva Naughton Reservoir2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 312834405270746363
11GreenGreen Flaming Gorge Reservoir2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3133041053068091098083064
12GreenYampa Stagecoach Rsvr2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3191113.51619232164
13GreenYampa Steamboat Springs2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 319711914317321526025057
14GreenElk Milner2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3115418721525029532032566
15GreenYampa Maybell2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3136547055065076593589561
16GreenLittle Snake Dixon2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3113017020526032534536057
17GreenLittle Snake Lily2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3112016820526034034530068
18GreenWhite Meeker2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3112614516018322528026560
19GreenWhite Watson2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3113014816118823528028556
20GreenBig Brush Ck Vernal2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 317.69.211.912.719.12119.960
21GreenYellowstone Altonah2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 312128333647615857
22GreenRock Ck Upper Stillwater Reservoir2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 312735404556747156
23GreenRock Ck Mountain Home2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 313342495366888657
24GreenDuchesne Tabiona2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3142495762731089461
25GreenDuchesne Duchesne2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 31769210411413719417360
26GreenGreen Green River2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3197012501500189024502960261057
27GreenYampa Deerlodge Park2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3147565077592011201240117066
28GreenNew Fork Big Piney2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 319513117022026535531554
29GreenElkhead Ck Long Gulch2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 311828344455737645
30GreenAshley Ck Vernal2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3115.619.3232540504452
31GreenWhiterocks Whiterocks2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 311421252737544753
32GreenUinta Neola2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3118.528353956746256
33GreenLake Fork Moon Lake Reservoir2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 311929333647666452
34GreenWest Fork Duchesne Vat Diversion2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 314.
35GreenCurrant Ck Currant Ck Reservoir2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 314.
36GreenStrawberry Starvation Reservoir2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3129374049581127951
37GreenDuchesne Myton2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 31558411012217433026542
38GreenDuchesne Randlett2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 31659411613218638532036
39GreenFish Ck Scofield2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 319.311.613.91519.9302556
40GreenPrice Scofield Reservoir2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3111.914.717.618.926413550
41GreenHuntington Ck Electric Lake2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3144.
42GreenHuntington Ck Power Plant2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 311819.1202128403656
43GreenSeeley Ck Joes Vly Reservoir2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 3116.819.6242738564652
44GreenFerron Ck Ferron2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 319.713.618.12129383453
45GreenMuddy Ck Emery2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 315.
46GreenSouth Fork Rock Ck Docs Div2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 311.
47GreenStrawberry Strawberry Reservoir2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 311014.618.82131714839
48GreenWhite Blo Tabbyune Ck2021-4-1Apr 01-Jul 311.