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Water Supply Volume Percent Average/Median Condition
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AreaSub AreaNWS IDRiverLocationAvg CondMed CondForecast PeriodMin 90MP 50P 30Max 10AvgMedPct AvgPct Med
1San JuanPSPC2San Juan Pagosa SpringsApr 01-Jul 311171271321452152155959
2San JuanSJCC2San Juan CarracasApr 01-Jul 311822002102253803905351
3San JuanRBPC2Rio Blanco Pagosa SpringsApr 01-Jul 312831333554555756
4San JuanNAVC2Navajo ChromoApr 01-Jul 313033353965675149
5San JuanPIDC2Piedra ArbolesApr 01-Jul 311011121161252101965357
6San JuanVCRC2Los Pinos Vallecito ReservoirApr 01-Jul 311141301381501941816772
7San JuanLEMC2Florida Lemon ReservoirApr 01-Jul 312934363955476272
8San JuanDRGC2Animas DurangoApr 01-Jul 312302602753054153856368
9San JuanDRGC2Animas DurangoJun 01-Jul 31821131301602201775164
10San JuanFRMN5San Juan FarmingtonApr 01-Jul 31510570620680110010305255
11San JuanLPHC2La Plata HesperusApr 01-Jul 3110.111.912.814.123205260
12San JuanPSPC2San Juan Pagosa SpringsJun 01-Jul 311929344796833035
13San JuanSJCC2San Juan CarracasJun 01-Jul 31395765821581353642
14San JuanRBPC2Rio Blanco Pagosa SpringsJun 01-Jul 316910.51323213943
15San JuanNAVC2Navajo ChromoJun 01-Jul 3171012.41630273337
16San JuanPIDC2Piedra ArbolesJun 01-Jul 311829334274643945
17San JuanVCRC2Los Pinos Vallecito ReservoirJun 01-Jul 313248566899864856
18San JuanNVRN5San Juan Navajo ReservoirApr 01-Jul 313203653854107357005052
19San JuanLEMC2Florida Lemon ReservoirJun 01-Jul 317.513151827254852
20San JuanFRMN5San Juan FarmingtonJun 01-Jul 311271862352954703854048
21San JuanLPHC2La Plata HesperusJun 01-Jul 3123.84.768.55.94564
22San JuanBFFU1San Juan BluffApr 01-Jul 3147554559565511009505057
23San JuanBFFU1San Juan BluffJun 01-Jul 311001682202804503503748
24San JuanMNRC2Mancos MancosApr 01-Jul 3110.110.71112.731273540
25San JuanLNAC2Little Navajo Oso Div DamApr 01-Jul 312.52.933.17.67.73838
26San JuanNVRN5San Juan Navajo ReservoirJun 01-Jul 3141861081302902553034
27San JuanMNRC2Mancos MancosJun 01-Jul 311.
28San JuanLNAC2Little Navajo Oso Div DamJun 01-Jul 310.20.60.690.821.653036