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Water Supply Volume Percent Average/Median Condition
< 30%   30-50%   50-70%   70-90%   90-100%   100-110%   110-130%   130-150%   150-200%   200-300%   300-500   >500%   Regulated   No Forecast  

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AreaSub AreaRiverAvg CondMed CondForecast PeriodMin 90P 70MP 50P 30AvgMedPct AvgPct Med
1ColoradoGunnisonMuddy Ck Apr 01-Jul 312434425397724358
2ColoradoGunnisonMuddy Ck Apr 01-Jul 312434425397724358
3GreatBearBear Apr 01-Jul 31475562701121065558
4GreatBearBear Apr 01-Jul 31333946601211103842
5GreatBearSmiths Fork Apr 01-Jul 314653626889807078
6GreatBearBear Apr 01-Jul 31445570841821173860
7GreatBearLogan Apr 01-Jul 3152586672111975968
8GreatBearBlacksmith Fork Apr 01-Jul 311618.9212443294972
9GreatBearLittle Bear Apr 01-Jul 3178.9111447512322
10GreatWeberWeber Apr 01-Jul 31434958671181164950
11GreatWeberWeber Apr 01-Jul 31344151621321253941
12GreatWeberChalk Ck Apr 01-Jul 317.88.710.314.341372528
13GreatWeberWeber Apr 01-Jul 31333950601341293739
14GreatWeberWeber Apr 01-Jul 31394557721711663334
15GreatWeberLost Ck Apr 01-Jul 312.62.93.4413.492538
16GreatWeberEast Canyon Ck Apr 01-Jul 319.810.712.613.527264748
17GreatWeberWeber Apr 01-Jul 3169771001173252853135
18GreatWeberSf Ogden Apr 01-Jul 3112.416.1212556493843
19GreatWeberOgden Apr 01-Jul 3119.3243040113982731
20GreatUtah LakeProvo Apr 01-Jul 31414754581001015453
21GreatUtah LakeProvo Apr 01-Jul 31444959611101075455
22GreatUtah LakeProvo Apr 01-Jul 31455258641271234647
23GreatUtah LakeAmerican Fork Apr 01-Jul 318.19.911.612.931203758
24GreatUtah LakeSpanish Fork Apr 01-Jul 3116.820222469473247
25GreatUtah LakeWest Canyon Ck Apr 01-Jul 310.310.360.430.621.761.192436
26GreatUtah LakeJordan Apr 01-Jul 3183951181273252553646
27GreatSix CreeksCity Ck Apr 01-Jul 312.
28GreatSix CreeksDell Fk Apr 01-Jul 311.41.822.45.543650
29GreatSix CreeksLambs Ck Apr 01-Jul 311.
30GreatSix CreeksParleys Ck Apr 01-Jul 313.54.155.714.210.73547
31GreatSix CreeksMill Ck Apr 01-Jul 312.12.533.56.454760
32GreatSix CreeksBig Cottonwood Ck Apr 01-Jul 311618.4212336315868
33GreatSix CreeksLittle Cottonwood Ck Apr 01-Jul 3118.120222438355863
34GreatSix CreeksS Willow Ck Apr 01-Jul 311.291.421.6223.12.65262
35GreenUpperGreen Apr 01-Jul 311251501751982452207180
36GreenUpperPine Ck Apr 01-Jul 314557677598946871
37GreenUpperNew Fork Apr 01-Jul 31951311702203553154854
38GreenUpperGreen Apr 01-Jul 312403204305057256505966
39GreenUpperBig Sandy Apr 01-Jul 311622273552475257
40GreenUpperGreen Apr 01-Jul 312353104205007306305867
41GreenUpperEf Smiths Fork Apr 01-Jul 311316192126237383
42GreenUpperBlacks Fork Apr 01-Jul 313644506189935654
43GreenUpperHams Fork Apr 01-Jul 312227314054475766
44GreenUpperHams Fork Apr 01-Jul 312834405274635463
45GreenUpperGreen Apr 01-Jul 313304105306809808305464
46GreenYampa/WhiteYampa Apr 01-Jul 3191113.51623215964
47GreenYampa/WhiteYampa Apr 01-Jul 31971191431732602505557
48GreenYampa/WhiteElk Apr 01-Jul 311541872152503203256766
49GreenYampa/WhiteElkhead Ck Apr 01-Jul 311828344473764745
50GreenYampa/WhiteYampa Apr 01-Jul 313654705506509358955961
51GreenYampa/WhiteLittle Snake Apr 01-Jul 3169911101281561547171
52GreenYampa/WhiteLittle Snake Apr 01-Jul 311301702052603453605957
53GreenYampa/WhiteLittle Snake Apr 01-Jul 311201682052603453005968
54GreenYampa/WhiteWhite Apr 01-Jul 311261451601832802655760
55GreenYampa/WhiteWhite Apr 01-Jul 311301481611882802855756
56GreenDuchesneBig Brush Ck Apr 01-Jul 317.69.211.912.72119.95760
57GreenDuchesneAshley Ck Apr 01-Jul 3115.619.3232550444652
58GreenDuchesneWhiterocks Apr 01-Jul 311421252754474653
59GreenDuchesneUinta Apr 01-Jul 3118.528353974624756
60GreenDuchesneYellowstone Apr 01-Jul 312128333661585457
61GreenDuchesneLake Fork Apr 01-Jul 311929333666645052
62GreenDuchesneRock Ck Apr 01-Jul 312735404574715456
63GreenDuchesneRock Ck Apr 01-Jul 313342495388865657
64GreenDuchesneWest Fork Duchesne Apr 01-Jul 314.
65GreenDuchesneDuchesne Apr 01-Jul 3142495762108945361
66GreenDuchesneDuchesne Apr 01-Jul 3176921041141941735460
67GreenDuchesneCurrant Ck Apr 01-Jul 314.
68GreenDuchesneStrawberry Apr 01-Jul 311014.618.82171482639
69GreenDuchesneStrawberry Apr 01-Jul 3129374049112793651
70GreenDuchesneDuchesne Apr 01-Jul 3155841101223302653342
71GreenDuchesneDuchesne Apr 01-Jul 3165941161323853203036
72GreenLowerFish Ck Apr 01-Jul 319.311.613.91530254656
73GreenLowerPrice Apr 01-Jul 3111.914.717.618.941354350
74GreenLowerWhite Apr 01-Jul 311.
75GreenLowerGreen Apr 01-Jul 31970125015001890296026105157
76GreenLowerHuntington Ck Apr 01-Jul 3144.55.15.713.311.73844
77GreenLowerHuntington Ck Apr 01-Jul 311819.1202140365056
78GreenLowerSeeley Ck Apr 01-Jul 3116.819.6242756464352
79GreenLowerFerron Ck Apr 01-Jul 319.713.618.12138344853
80GreenLowerMuddy Ck Apr 01-Jul 315.
81ColoradoGunnisonTaylor Apr 01-Jul 315663708099827185
82ColoradoGunnisonTaylor Apr 01-Jul 3185951051201551266883
83ColoradoGunnisonEast Apr 01-Jul 31951101251451821676975
84ColoradoGunnisonGunnison Apr 01-Jul 311852152402853703356572
85ColoradoGunnisonTomichi Ck Apr 01-Jul 312534435474585874
86ColoradoGunnisonLake Fork Apr 01-Jul 316073861051231207072
87ColoradoGunnisonGunnison Apr 01-Jul 313303854405306755756577
88ColoradoGunnisonGunnison Apr 01-Jul 313604204805807406256577
89ColoradoGunnisonGunnison Apr 01-Jul 314004705406508356956578
90ColoradoGunnisonNf Gunnison Apr 01-Jul 311051351601852952405467
91ColoradoGunnisonSurface Ck Apr 01-Jul 3145.57916.8134254
92ColoradoGunnisonUncompahgre Apr 01-Jul 31425262741011006162
93ColoradoGunnisonUncompahgre Apr 01-Jul 31466074941371315456
94ColoradoGunnisonUncompahgre Apr 01-Jul 3122344665113934149
95ColoradoGunnisonGunnison Apr 01-Jul 316007308601040148012705868
96ColoradoDoloresDolores Apr 01-Jul 3180991181532452204854
97ColoradoDoloresDolores Apr 01-Jul 31831051301652952504452
98ColoradoDoloresSan Miguel Apr 01-Jul 31475867831281225255
99ColoradoDoloresDolores Apr 01-Jul 311451852252955654504050
100San JuanSan Juan Apr 01-Jul 311061201351562152156363
101San JuanSan Juan Apr 01-Jul 311852102352753803906260
102San JuanRio Blanco Apr 01-Jul 313236414654557675
103San JuanNavajo Apr 01-Jul 313540475365677270
104San JuanPiedra Apr 01-Jul 3170841051262101965054
105San JuanLos Pinos Apr 01-Jul 3168861031251941815357
106San JuanSan Juan Apr 01-Jul 312703253954607357005456
107San JuanFlorida Apr 01-Jul 311621263255474755
108San JuanAnimas Apr 01-Jul 311401782102554153855155
109San JuanSan Juan Apr 01-Jul 31370445520645110010304750
110San JuanLa Plata Apr 01-Jul 3156.58.510.923203742
111San JuanSan Juan Apr 01-Jul 3133040050563011009504653
112San JuanMancos Apr 01-Jul 316.48.410.813.831273540
113SevierSevier Apr 01-Jul 3111.413.21515.848363142
114SevierSevier Apr 01-Jul 311.131.64333317.7917
115SevierEf Sevier Apr 01-Jul 312124262835357474
116SevierSevier Apr 01-Jul 312427303565474664
117SevierClear Ck Apr 01-Jul 318.39.611.313.52115.55473
118SevierSalina Ck Apr 01-Jul 311.
119SevierSevier Apr 01-Jul 3115.922303999413073
120SevierManti Ck Apr 01-Jul 315.
121SevierBeaver Apr 01-Jul 319.910.81213.726214657
122SevierCoal Ck Apr 01-Jul 314.
123ColoradoMainstemColorado Apr 01-Jul 311151401651952202207575
124ColoradoMainstemWillow Ck Apr 01-Jul 311623303847486462
125ColoradoMainstemFraser Apr 01-Jul 31121415.51719.419.78079
126ColoradoMainstemWilliams Fork Apr 01-Jul 314755637496906670
127ColoradoMainstemBlue Apr 01-Jul 3175921081251631596668
128ColoradoMainstemBlue Apr 01-Jul 311251501802052752606569
129ColoradoMainstemMuddy Ck Apr 01-Jul 311824303754525658
130ColoradoMainstemColorado Apr 01-Jul 314205005806908608206771
131ColoradoMainstemEagle Apr 01-Jul 311401702002403353156063
132ColoradoMainstemColorado Apr 01-Jul 316407809101090140013406568
133ColoradoMainstemFrying Pan Apr 01-Jul 3170851001151391297278
134ColoradoMainstemRoaring Fork Apr 01-Jul 313604204705406906406873
135ColoradoMainstemColorado Apr 01-Jul 311000120014001650211020006670
136ColoradoMainstemColorado Apr 01-Jul 311100130015001800236021906468
137ColoradoMainstemPlateau Ck Apr 01-Jul 3124354666124923750
138ColoradoMainstemColorado Apr 01-Jul 311800220025503000444039205765
139ColoradoMainstemColorado Apr 01-Jul 311700260032004000716064704549
140VirginSanta Clara Apr 01-Jul 310.
141VirginVirgin Apr 01-Jul 311518202358413449
142VirginVirgin Apr 01-Jul 31101213.51763412133
143VirginVirgin Apr 01-Jul 311416.5192465382950
144GreenDuchesneSouth Fork Rock Ck Apr 01-Jul 311.
145GreenYampa/WhiteYampa Apr 01-Jul 31475650775920124011706266
146GreatUtah LakeSalt Ck Apr 01-Jul 312.
147GreatSix CreeksRed Butte Ck Apr 01-Jul 310.
148San JuanLittle Navajo Apr 01-Jul 312.
149ColoradoGunnisonMuddy Ck Apr 01-Jun 302333415291704559
150ColoradoGunnisonMuddy Ck Apr 01-Jun 302333415291704559
151Low ColLittleLittle Colorado Apr 01-Jun 300.
152Low ColLittleZuni Apr 01-May 3100001.30.100
153Low ColLittleChevelon Ck Apr 01-May 31000.
154Low ColGilaGila Apr 01-May 314.
155Low ColGilaGila Apr 01-May 314.
156Low ColGilaSan Francisco Apr 01-May 311.
157Low ColGilaSan Francisco Apr 01-May 313.53.744.42817.31423
158Low ColGilaGila Apr 01-May 317.288.59.559391422
159Low ColGilaGila Apr 01-May 31011.523918.448
160Low ColSaltSalt Apr 01-May 3114.515.516.217.51571271013
161Low ColSaltTonto Ck Apr 01-May 3100.
162Low ColSaltVerde Apr 01-May 311111.512.51450362535
163Low ColLittleLittle Colorado Jan 01-Jun 300.410.510.610.719.97.169
164Low ColLittleZuni Jan 01-May 3100003.60.4700
165Low ColLittleChevelon Ck Jan 01-May 31000.10.21913.911
166Low ColGilaGila Jan 01-May 3114.614.81515.376562027
167Low ColGilaGila Jan 01-May 3118.518.71919.5114761725
168Low ColGilaSan Francisco Jan 01-May 314.
169Low ColGilaSan Francisco Jan 01-May 3111.81212.312.7106611220
170Low ColGilaGila Jan 01-May 31252627282551371120
171Low ColGilaGila Jan 01-May 316.
172Low ColSaltSalt Jan 01-May 31414243444503101014
173Low ColSaltTonto Ck Jan 01-May 313.
174Low ColSaltVerde Jan 01-May 31535455563051571835
175ColoradoGunnisonMuddy Ck Mar 01-Jun 302434425396734458
176ColoradoGunnisonMuddy Ck Mar 01-Jun 302434425396734458