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Water Supply Volume Percent Average/Median Condition
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AreaSub AreaRiverLocationForecast DateAvg CondMed CondForecast PeriodMin 90P 70MP 50P 30Max 10AvgMedPct Med
1GreatBearSmiths Fork Border2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 3144557188104898089
2GreatBearBlacksmith Fork Hyrum2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 3116.519.6242845432983
3GreatBearLogan Logan2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 314355721001171119774
4GreatBearBear Montpelier2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 3137588511417218211773
5GreatUtah LakeAmerican Fork American Fork2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 3179.914.61727312073
6GreatUtah LakeSalt Ck Nephi Powerplant Div2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 311.623.44.55.912.78.36.273
7GreatSix CreeksBig Cottonwood Ck Salt Lake City2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 3111.716.2212937363168
8GreatWeberLost Ck Lost Ck Reservoir2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 312.23.466.810.513.4967
9GreatBearBear Utah2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 313952708911411210666
10GreatUtah LakeProvo Woodland2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 313349678210110010166
11GreatUtah LakeProvo Hailstone2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 313552718811011010766
12GreatUtah LakeWest Canyon Ck Cedar Fort2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 310.230.370.790.891.91.761.1966
13GreatSix CreeksLittle Cottonwood Ck Salt Lake City2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 3114.619.4232936383566
14GreatWeberSf Ogden Huntsville2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 3110.516.7313761564963
15GreatUtah LakeProvo Deer Ck Reservoir2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 313454769813112712362
16GreatUtah LakeSpanish Fork Castilla2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 3115.922293755694762
17GreatSix CreeksDell Fk Little Dell Reservoir2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 310.71.422.43.755.5460
18GreatWeberOgden Pineview Reservoir2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 3116.82758861211139859
19GreatWeberWeber Oakley2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 313549678811611811658
20GreatUtah LakeJordan Utah Lake2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 317110414722530032525558
21GreatSix CreeksMill Ck Salt Lake City2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 311.632.
22GreatSix CreeksS Willow Ck Grantsville2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 311.131.291.442.
23GreatSix CreeksParleys Ck Salt Lake City2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 312.
24GreatBearBear Woodruff Narrows Rsvr2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 312444587511912111053
25GreatSix CreeksCity Ck Salt Lake City2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 311.722.
26GreatSix CreeksLambs Ck Salt Lake City2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 311.
27GreatWeberEast Canyon Ck East Canyon Reservoir2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 317.69.512.919.125272650
28GreatWeberWeber Rockport Res2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 312641618612613212549
29GreatWeberChalk Ck Coalville2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 316.88.917.32134413747
30GreatWeberWeber Coalville2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 312438608612913412947
31GreatSix CreeksRed Butte Ck Ft Douglas2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 310.410.520.651.291.711.91.3947
32GreatWeberWeber Gateway2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 31517513019629032528546
33GreatWeberWeber Echo Reservoir2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 3128477210416917116643
34GreatBearLittle Bear Paradise2021-1-1Apr 01-Jul 31713192438475137