Virgin Water Supply Outlook, April 1, 2008

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Prepared by G. Smith
NOAA, National Weather Service
Colorado Basin River Forecast Center
Salt Lake City, Utah


Virgin Summary

March was very dry in the Virgin River Basin with near 30 percent of average precipitation recorded for the month. Much of the snow below 8000 feet melted out while the snowpack above 9000 feet was mostly retained. This higher elevation snowpack was near average as of April 1st. Monthly Streamflow volumes for March were generally below average. However, during the last week of the month stream flows had increased and were running above average. Due to the below average precipitation in March and overall reduction in mid and low elevation snowpack volumetric runoff forecasts were reduced from last month. April-July volumes are now expected to range from near 80 to 100 percent of average.

*Median of forecasts within each basin.

Virgin Basin Conditions

Apr-Jul runoff volumes below to near average are expected on the Santa Clara River with near average runoff volumes expected on the Virgin River.

* Percent usable capacity, not percent average contents.
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Differences between the full period forecasts and the residual forecasts may not exactly equal the actual observed volumes due to rounding conventions (see Definitions section).

Precipitation Maps

Hydrologist: G. Smith