Water Supply Outlook Summary

March 1 forecasts indicate near to above average spring runoff volumes are expected throughout the eastern Great Basin. Runoff volumes are expected to range from 85 to 125 percent of the 1961-1990 average in the Great Salt Lake Basin and 95 to 125 percent of average in the Sevier Basin. Snowpack amounts increased at most locations as the result of a very wet February, most noticeably in the Sevier Basin where a greater than 50 percent increase occurred at many sites. March 1st snowpack values generally range between 90 to 140 percent of average in the Great Salt Lake Basin and 100 to 160 percent in the Sevier Basin.

April-July Volume Forecasts

Water Supply Outlook for the Eastern Great Basin - March, 1998
Colorado Basin River Forecast Center (http://www.cbrfc.gov)
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