Sevier Lake Basin Site Specific Forecasts

April through July volume (kaf) forecasts (except where noted).

* Categorical Forecast - Current regulations allow for discontinuance of a streamflow volume forecast when observations at the point have not been taken or recorded for 5 years or longer. Recognizing the importance to the user, the NWS and NRCS have often continued to provide forecasts long after observations have ceased. Forecasters will now have the option to express these forecasts categorically (e.g. instead of issuing a forecast of 77 percent of average, the forecast would simply be "below average"). Specifically, the categories are:

MA - much above average (greater than 130 percent of average)

AA - above average (111-130 percent of average)

NA - near average (90-110 percent of average)

BA - below average (70-89 percent of average)

MB - much below average (less than 70 percent of average)

Water Supply Outlook for the Eastern Great Basin - February 1, 2001
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