2002 Presentations

Early Season Outlook of April-July Runoff into Lake Powell
David G. Brandon, Colorado River Water Users Association Annual Meeting, December 16, 2002
Ceasars Palace - Las Vegas, NV

Presentation to the Yellow River Conservancy Commission- Ministry of Water Resources of China
David G. Brandon, CBRFC, November 22, 2002

USBR Water Operations
Dave Brandon, Water Operations Annual Conference- Upper Colorado Region, October 10, 2002

CBRFC/WR Flash Flood Anaylsis Project
Alternative Methods for Determining Flash Flood Potential and Guidance
Greg Smith, Southwest Weather Symposium, September 4, 2002

Flash Flood Guidance Issues/Western Region Flash Flood Project
Greg Smith, Severe Weather/Flash Flood WDM Course, September 2002

Activities of the CBRFC, Support of the Burn Area in Arizona
Dave Brandon, Presentation for WFO-FLG, White Mountain Apache Tribe and Others, August 21, 2002

Best Practice Nearest Neighbor
Bill Reed, WR Lead Forecaster Workshop, August 13-16, 2002

WFO Role for AHPS
Dave Brandon, WFO/RFC Workshop, June 26-27, 2002

Dave Brandon, WFO/RFC AHPS Workshop, June 26-27, 2002

MRF CDC Project
Dave Brandon, WFO/RFC AHPS Workshop, June 26-27, 2002

Ensemble Forecasting
Steve Shumate, WFO/RFC AHPS Workshop, June 26-27, 2002

Determination of Meaningful Stages and Flows
Bill Reed, WFO/RFC AHPS Workshop, June 27, 2002

AHPS Potential Products and Services
Dave Brandon, HIC/MIC WR Meeting, June 10-13, 2002

CBRFC/WR Flash Flood Project and Flash Flood Issues
Greg Smith, SOO/DOH Conference, May 2002
Also presented by Steve Shumate, DOH/Science Workshop, July 2002