CBRFC Internal RDHM Documents and Presentations

Presentations, Posters and Updates
DHM-FSR: Case Study of events during 2008 in the Pima County Demonstration Area
REstrospective Case study of DHM-FSR performace in the Tucson Metro Region during Summer of 2008
Ed Clark, Senior Hydrologist. June 2009
Frequency Surface Response: Supporting Flash Flood Decision Making
Presentation detailing the concept and initial resultsof the HL-RDHM based flash flood descision making tool.
Ed Clark, Senior Hydrologist. May 2009
Overview of the HL-RDHM Applications at the CBRFC
Overview of the HL-RDHM software and applications at the CBRFCEd Clark, Senior Hydrologist. August 2008
Application of the NWS RDHM in Opertional Hydrology
Poster presentated at Southwest Hydrology Symposium.August 30th, 2007, Tucson, AZ.
Soil Moisture Applications of the RDHM in Southern AZ.
Slides for Discussion with WFO Tucson.Late August, 2007.

Hydrologic Laboratory research modeling system (HL-RMS) of the NWS
OHD paper discussing the RDHM and some of the preliminary results.
An Enhanced and Automated Appraoch for Deriving a priori SAC-SMA Parameters from the Soil survey Geographic Database.
SSURGO derived SAC-SMA parameters.
Discusses the derivation of the PE and PE-Adjust grids.
Parameterization of the Frozen Ground Effect
OHD paper describing the SAC-HT module within RDHM.
Evaluation of a grid-based distributed hydrological model over a large area
OHD paper discussing the results of content at depth simulations over Oklahoma.

Program Manuals
RDHM User's Manual
User's Manual version 3.0.0 -- Updated December, 2009.
RDHM Programer's Manual
Manual for those writting modules and re-compiling the RDHM Code. Updated August, 2008.
STAT-Q User's Manual
Program manual for Stat-Q -- a tool that performs statistical analysis of two timer-series. Last Updated 1/30/04