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Location Current Condition Estimated Forecast Condition Current Elevation Maximum Date Gated Spillway Passflow
1Adobe Damyes2.862021/01/22 17:0039.94NA
2 Saguaro Lake1524.352021/01/22 17:00yesNANA
3Alamo Reservoir1119.732021/01/17 19:001235NA
4 Big Sandy Reservoir6739.152021/01/18 06:006757.5NA
5 Bear Lakeyes5916.32021/01/22 17:00NANA
6 Blue Mesa Reservoir7465.082021/01/22 17:00yesNANA
7 Bartlett Lakeyes1756.112021/01/22 17:00yesNANA
8Cave Buttes Dam1.962021/01/22 17:0097.1NA
9 San Carlos Reservoir2412.632021/01/22 17:002511NA
10 Crystal Reservoir6747.992021/01/17 17:006756NA
11 Lost Ck Reservoir5980.542021/01/22 17:006005NA
12 Cutler Reservoir4406.392021/01/17 18:00yesNANA
13Crawford Reservoir6498.432021/01/22 17:006553NA
14 Currant Ck Reservoir7675.662021/01/18 06:007678NA
15 Causey Reservoir5664.422021/01/22 17:005692NA
16 Deer Ck Reservoir5399.512021/01/22 17:00yesNANA
17 Little Dell Reservoir5753.792021/01/17 19:005798NA
18 Dillon Reservoiryes9003.572021/01/17 17:009017NA
19 Echo Reservoir5515.612021/01/22 17:00yesNA5560
20 East Canyon Reservoir5672.962021/01/22 17:005705NA
21Elkhead Reservoiryes6373.972021/01/22 17:006388NA
22 Electric Lake8546.822021/01/17 22:008575NA
23 Fontenelle Reservoir6481.372021/01/17 17:006506NA
24 Lake Granby8263.12021/01/17 17:00yesNA8279.5
25 Lake Powell3579.142021/01/17 18:00yesNANA
26 Green Mtn Reservoir7901.842021/01/17 23:00yesNA7949.5
27 Flaming Gorge Reservoir6024.772021/01/19 00:00yesNANA
28Gunlock Reservoir3563.52021/01/22 17:003583NA
29 Hyrum Reservoir4660.932021/01/17 20:00yesNA4672
30 Homestake Reservoir206.422021/01/17 21:00213.4NA
31 Horseshoe Lake1968.22021/01/17 17:00yesNANA
32 Joes Vly Reservoir6966.542021/01/22 17:006989.7NA
33 Jordanelle Reservoir6131.082021/01/17 19:00yesNA6166.4
34 Moon Lake Reservoir8098.132021/01/22 17:00yesNA8137.3
35 Lemon Reservoir8083.622021/01/22 17:008148NA
36 Lake Havasu446.32021/01/22 17:00yesNANA
37 Lake Pleasant1685.712021/01/22 17:001706.5NA
38Lake Mead1085.052021/01/22 17:00yesNANA
39Mcmicken Dam North1.62021/01/22 17:0018.7NA
40 Meeks Cabin Reservoir8605.482021/01/22 17:008685.7NA
41 Millsite Reservoir6172.912021/01/22 17:006205NA
42 Lake Mohave639.322021/01/22 17:00yesNANA
43 Mcphee Reservoir6861.932021/01/22 17:00yesNA6921
44 Morrow Point Reservoiryes7144.992021/01/17 17:00yesNANA
45 Mathews Canyon Dam5421.152021/01/22 17:005461NA
46New River Dam2.882021/01/22 17:0067NA
47 Navajo Reservoir6036.082021/01/17 19:006085NA
48 Otter Creek Reservoir6364.452021/01/22 17:00yesNANA
49Oneida Narrows Reservoiryes4881.612021/01/22 17:00yesNANA
50 Pine Canyon Dam56042021/01/22 17:005675NA
51 Pineview Reservoiryes4875.652021/01/22 17:00yesNA4900
52 Piute Reservoir5955.652021/01/22 17:00yesNA5976
53Porcupine Reservoir5342.352021/01/22 17:005383NA
54 Painted Rock Reservoir535.162021/01/22 17:00661NA
55 Paonia Reservoir6390.382021/01/22 17:006447.5NA
56Quail Creek Reservoir2955.822021/01/22 17:002985NA
57 Ridgway Reservoir6838.92021/01/22 17:006871.3NA
58 Red Fleet Reservoiryes5585.252021/01/22 17:005608.2NA
59 Rockport Res6003.542021/01/22 17:006037NA
60 Rifle Gap Reservoir5932.622021/01/22 17:005960NA
61 Roosevelt Lake2135.642021/01/22 17:00yesNANA
62 Ruedi Reservoir7717.792021/01/17 20:007766NA
63 Mountain Dell Reservoir5487.92021/01/22 17:005526NA
64 Scofield Reservoir7604.372021/01/22 17:007617.5NA
65 Silver Jack Reservoir8852.82021/01/17 22:008925.6NA
66 Stateline Reservoir9111.842021/01/22 17:009163.2NA
67Soda Point Reservoiryes5719.152021/01/22 17:00yesNANA
68 Starvation Reservoir5704.112021/01/22 17:005712NA
69 Strawberry Reservoir7591.092021/01/22 17:007602.4NA
70Tat Momolikot Damyes1486.372021/01/22 17:001534NA
71 Taylor Park Reservoir9307.262021/01/17 21:009330NA
72 Upper Stillwater Reservoir8079.072021/01/17 20:008172NA
73 Utah Lake4486.332021/01/22 17:00yesNA4489.05
74 Vallecito Reservoir7625.392021/01/22 17:00yesNA7661
75 Vega Reservoir7934.892021/01/22 17:007984NA
76 Viva Naughton Reservoiryes7230.572021/01/18 00:00yesNA7241.7
77 Willow Ck Reservoir8117.992021/01/22 17:008130NA
78 Williams Fork Reservoiryes7792.812021/01/17 17:00yesNA7810.5
79 Woodruff Narrows Reservoir33.452021/01/22 17:006454.1NA
80 Wolford Mountain Reservoir7480.652021/01/17 19:007489NA
81Whitlow Ranch Dam2067.52021/01/22 17:002166NA
82Whitlow Ranch Dam2067.52021/01/22 17:002166NA