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Location Current Condition Estimated Forecast Condition Date Maximum 5 Day Gated Spillway Passflow
1Adobe Damyes2020/11/25 12:002.8639.94NA
2 Saguaro Lake2020/11/25 12:001525.08yesNANA
3Alamo Reservoir2020/11/25 19:001120.581235NA
4 Big Sandy Reservoir2020/11/25 18:006739.336757.5NA
5 Bear Lakeyes2020/11/25 12:005916.16NANA
6 Blue Mesa Reservoir2020/11/25 18:007464.61yesNANA
7 Bartlett Lakeyes2020/11/25 12:001626.22yesNANA
8Cave Buttes Dam2020/11/25 13:001.9697.1NA
9 San Carlos Reservoir2020/11/25 18:002415.522511NA
10 Crystal Reservoir2020/11/25 18:006751.226756NA
11 Lost Ck Reservoir2020/11/25 19:005980.316005NA
12 Cutler Reservoiryes2020/11/25 12:004407.16yesNANA
13Crawford Reservoir2020/11/25 19:006493.676553NA
14 Currant Ck Reservoir2020/11/25 18:007675.417678NA
15 Causey Reservoir2020/11/25 19:005655.735692NA
16 Deer Ck Reservoir2020/11/25 18:005394.35yesNANA
17 Little Dell Reservoir2020/11/25 12:005758.045798NA
18 Dillon Reservoir2020/11/24 06:009008.349017NA
19 Echo Reservoir2020/11/25 19:005509.42yesNA5560
20 East Canyon Reservoir2020/11/25 19:005670.755705NA
21Elkhead Reservoiryes2020/11/25 12:006373.926388NA
22 Electric Lake2020/11/25 17:008549.138575NA
23 Fontenelle Reservoir2020/11/25 07:006488.586506NA
24 Lake Granby2020/11/25 18:008269.07yesNA8279.5
25 Lake Powell2020/11/25 07:003588.56yesNANA
26 Green Mtn Reservoir2020/11/25 18:007903.73yesNA7949.5
27 Flaming Gorge Reservoir2020/11/25 07:006025.39yesNANA
28Gunlock Reservoiryes2020/11/25 12:003562.593583NA
29 Hyrum Reservoir2020/11/25 19:004661.64yesNA4672
30 Homestake Reservoir2020/11/25 19:00206.63213.4NA
31 Horseshoe Lake2020/11/25 18:001972.06yesNANA
32 Joes Vly Reservoir2020/11/25 18:006966.896989.7NA
33 Jordanelle Reservoir2020/11/25 12:006134.21yesNA6166.4
34 Moon Lake Reservoir2020/11/25 19:008094.96yesNA8137.3
35 Lemon Reservoir2020/11/25 18:008083.168148NA
36 Lake Havasu2020/11/25 17:00448yesNANA
37 Lake Pleasant2020/11/25 19:001672.41706.5NA
38Lake Mead2020/11/25 17:001081.13yesNANA
39Mcmicken Dam North2020/11/25 13:001.718.7NA
40 Meeks Cabin Reservoir2020/11/25 19:008598.618685.7NA
41 Millsite Reservoir2020/11/25 18:006170.986205NA
42 Lake Mohave2020/11/25 17:00640.86yesNANA
43 Mcphee Reservoir2020/11/25 19:006862.95yesNA6921
44 Morrow Point Reservoiryes2020/11/25 12:007145.76yesNANA
45 Mathews Canyon Dam2020/11/25 18:005421.525461NA
46New River Dam2020/11/25 19:002.8867NA
47 Navajo Reservoir2020/11/25 18:006038.476085NA
48 Otter Creek Reservoir2020/11/25 17:006361.53yesNANA
49Oneida Narrows Reservoiryes2020/11/25 12:004881.84yesNANA
50 Pine Canyon Dam2020/11/25 18:005605.055675NA
51 Pineview Reservoir2020/11/25 19:004873.82yesNA4900
52 Piute Reservoir2020/11/25 18:005952.05yesNA5976
53Porcupine Reservoir2020/11/25 17:005336.065383NA
54 Painted Rock Reservoir2020/11/25 19:00538661NA
55 Paonia Reservoir2020/11/25 19:006386.56447.5NA
56Quail Creek Reservoir2020/11/25 12:002954.482985NA
57 Ridgway Reservoir2020/11/25 18:006837.96871.3NA
58 Red Fleet Reservoir2020/11/24 07:005582.775608.2NA
59 Rockport Res2020/11/25 19:006000.316037NA
60 Rifle Gap Reservoir2020/11/25 19:005924.465960NA
61 Roosevelt Lake2020/11/25 12:002135.53yesNANA
62 Ruedi Reservoir2020/11/25 18:007720.957766NA
63 Mountain Dell Reservoir2020/11/25 12:005463.885526NA
64 Scofield Reservoiryes2020/11/25 12:007603.567617.5NA
65 Silver Jack Reservoir2020/11/25 19:008852.738925.6NA
66 Stateline Reservoir2020/11/25 19:009110.479163.2NA
67Soda Point Reservoiryes2020/11/25 12:005720.16yesNANA
68 Starvation Reservoir2020/11/25 18:005699.745712NA
69 Strawberry Reservoir2020/11/25 18:007591.137602.4NA
70Tat Momolikot Damyes2020/11/25 12:001486.41534NA
71 Taylor Park Reservoir2020/11/25 18:009308.599330NA
72 Upper Stillwater Reservoir2020/11/25 18:008090.988172NA
73 Utah Lake2020/11/25 18:004486.08yesNA4489.05
74 Vallecito Reservoir2020/11/25 19:007623.15yesNA7661
75 Vega Reservoir2020/11/25 19:007933.347984NA
76 Viva Naughton Reservoiryes2020/11/25 12:007231.71yesNA7241.7
77 Willow Ck Reservoir2020/11/25 18:008120.18130NA
78 Williams Fork Reservoir2020/11/24 06:007796.54yesNA7810.5
79 Woodruff Narrows Reservoir2020/11/25 18:0034.076454.1NA
80 Wolford Mountain Reservoir2020/11/25 18:007481.87489NA
81Whitlow Ranch Dam2020/11/25 19:002067.52166NA
82Whitlow Ranch Dam2020/11/25 19:002067.52166NA