CBRFC Fifth Stakeholder Forum Agenda

Colorado Basin River Forecast Center

October 20th, 2015



Introductions & Logistics

Overview of Meeting and Goals ppt   pdf


CBRFC Hydrologic Model Overview ppt  pdf


Sources of Error & Uncertainties in the Forecast Process ppt   pdf

Summary of Model Limitations / Errors

Data Network Limitations

Unmeasured Depletions

Forcings (Observed and Forecast)


Addressing Uncertainties and Sources of Error

Global Ensemble Forecast Systems and Climate Forecast Systemsppt  pdf

Post Adjustment Methods ppt  pdf

Snow Model State Adjustments ppt  pdf

Gridded Hydrologic Modeling ppt  pdf


CBRFC Forecast Interpretation

Statistical and Probability Concepts ppt  pdf

10-50-90 exceedance explanation ppt  pdf


Did The Model Get It Right? ppt  pdf

Assessing Model Performance (Examples)


Forecast Verification Information ppt  pdf

Available Verification Information