CBRFC Stakeholder Forum Agenda




Goal: Provide participants an overview of and feedback on CBRFC products and services

August 18 (“plenary” session) This section is based on participants’ expressed interests. Each section will include a presentation from CBRFC staff and ample time following for discussion on how CBRFC products are meeting or not meeting stakeholder needs

Remote participation available via:

Telecon: 1.877.929.0660
Passcode: 1706374
Gotomeeting: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/join/589433624

8:30am – Welcome and Introductions (Kevin Werner) (ppt | pdf)

-       Logistics including lunch

-        Overview

-        Introductions

-        Participant goals, forecast challenges, etc

9:00 – CBRFC Overview (Michelle Schmidt)

-       Staff

-        Available forecasts, data, etc

-        Projects and plans

9:15 – Overview of CBRFC models (Craig Peterson) (ppt | pdf)

-       Hydrologic and snow models

-        Natural vs observed streamflow

-        Modeling anthropogenic activities (e.g. diversions, regulation, etc)

9:45 – Break

10:00 - CBRFC Forecast Demonstration

-       QA/QC and Forecast Forcings (e.g. MM, MPE) (Tracy Cox) (ppt | pdf)

-        Model run (e.g. IFP) (Brenda Alcorn) (ppt | pdf)

10:30 – Water Supply Forecast Demonstration

-       ESP including ESPADP (John Lhotak) (ppt | pdf)

-        SWS (Greg Smith) (ppt | pdf)

-        Research and Developments in Water Supply Forecasting (Andy Wood) (ppt | pdf)

11:30 – Lunch (catered in – orders will be collected at the beginning)

12:30pm – Forecast Evaluation

-       Water Supply: 2010 and 10/90 verification and look ahead to La Nina (Kevin Werner) (ppt | pdf)

-        Snow vs Runoff evaluation (Kristen Yeager) (ppt | pdf)

-        Peak Flow Forecasts Methods and Evaluation (Ashley Nielson) (ppt | pdf)

2:00 – Break

2:15 - CBRFC development activities (3 slides maximum)

-       Current Webpage (Bill Reed) (ppt | pdf)

-        Web services (Cass Goodman)

-        Community Hydrologic Prediction Service (CHPS) (John Lhotak) (ppt | pdf)

-        Forecast Ensemble (Andy Wood) (ppt | pdf)

-        Decision support (Kevin Werner) (ppt | pdf)

5pm – Adjourn


6pm onwards – Optional social gathering at the Bayou (645 S State St)



August 17 (Upper Colorado day)

½ day session starting at noon

12:00pm – Welcome and Introductions (Kevin Werner)

12:15pm – 2010 Runoff event presentation (Craig Peterson / Brenda Alcorn) (ppt | pdf)

-       Runoff recap

-        Water Supply Forecast recap

-        Daily and Peak Flow Forecast recap

-        Verification

-        What Happened?

2:30pm – Open discussion on Upper Colorado Issues (moderator: Kevin Werner)

-       Improving evapotranspiration in RFC model (Mike Hobbins) (ppt | pdf)

-        Analysis of recent dust on snow events (Craig Peterson)

-        Predicting and Modeling water demand

-        Coordinating operations based on forecasts


August 19 (Lower Colorado day)

8-10am – USBR/LC discussion (Greg Smith / Paul Miller)

-       Lakes Powell / Mead intervening flow

-        Other topics?

10am-4pm – SRP discussion (Greg Smith / Tim Skarupa)

-       SRP Operations (Tim?)

-        CBRFC modeling in the Salt system (Greg)

-        Data requests (Greg)

-        Other topics?