CBRFC Fourth Annual Stakeholder Agenda

Colorado Basin River Forecast Center

February 25th and 26th, 2014


February 25th


Introductions & Logistics

Overview of Meeting and Goals ppt pdf

Questionnaire Comments that Impacted Agenda (summary)

New and Future Products (summary)

Roadmap for Improvements Incorporating New Science

Attendee Goals

CBRFC 3-Key Questions


CBRFC Models Review ppt pdf

Calibration & Data Components

Operational Model Components

Deterministic (short-term forecasts)

Ensemble Streamflow Prediction (ESP) Component (monthly & seasonal forecasts)

Statistical Water Supply (SWS)



CBRFC F Streamflow Forecast Products Explained ppt pdf

Daily Model Deterministic Forecasts

Water Supply Volume Forecasts

Daily ESP Forecast Evolution Plots

Peak Flow Forecasts (spring snowmelt)



Streamflow Forecast Quality ppt pdf

Primary issues that affect forecasts


Non Streamflow Products ppt pdf

Product Types (Hydrologic Conditions, Climate, Model Forcing, etc.)

CBRFC Web Site Philosophy & Navigation

Evolving Products to Meet Stakeholder Needs



February 26th


Forecast verification ppt pdf

Development Status

Water Supply Method Verification

CBRFC Use of Verification



Stakeholders Presentations

SARP ppt pdf

Customer Survey Results ppt pdf

SNWA ppt pdf